This is one of the bigger debates in the REI circles. There are pros and cons, with people having their own thoughts on the matter. Here are the highlights of Should Every Investor Get Their Real Estate License?


  • Find deals fast through the MLS and be in control
  • Build relationships
  • Double dip on your purchases
  • Commission for selling your own home could be around 3% as well.
  • Work for others to get extra cash


  • Costs
  • Education and time investment
  • Paperwork and added responsibility
  • Distraction from investing goals

I think that if you can get your license, then do so. It doesn't do any harm, but it can cost you time and money, up front, and with one having to pay a fee for each retest, many say that the tests are intentionally hard, so people must retest. But, to have access to the MLS, other agents, and even being on a team, so as not to compete against others, it may be worth the investment.