I wanted to give a little "post love," by going into some of the more common ways to fund your REI deals.

This article goes into Hard Money vs. Private Money: Choosing the Best Creative Financing Solution for You.

IMO, hard money is by a professional organization that lends money to investors, charge upfront fees (points; but may "roll it into the loan"), charges high interest (double digits), and can even have their own title company, appraisers, lawyers, and other professionals, either in house, or that they closely work with.

Private money is more informal. They can be a person or people in your community, who have IRAs, HSAs, or other money that is pulling in low returns, and they want to get higher returns, but don't want to become an investor themselves.

Transaction Funding is short term (generally a matter of days), for when an investor buys the home from a seller, and then resells it to a flipper, or other investor, for a fast profit. Some charge points, like the HML does, some don't. Fees range from 1 - 5% (both of which are taken from your profits). You want to make sure that you have sufficient profits, to cover the fees!