Here is video proof. LameStream is trying to say that protestors opened the barrier. But if you look at the closeup shot, it looks very much like a hand on the *inside* of the barrier's opening it. Plus, if the hand was on the outside, the thumb would be facing the other way, based on the grip. And it looks like the arm is on the inside, at 03. And look at the head of the guy on the right, whose head is "near" the woman in shades. He's looking at the cop, at first. Then, his head moves in the opposite direction; he's looking at the barrier being opened. Also, and maybe it's reaching, but on duty, how often do cops wear gray tennis shoes, as opposed to the black, that all of the other cops are wearing? The barrier looks like it's being lifted in, towards the cops. If it was a protestor lifting it, wouldn't the barrier be lifted towards them, as opposed to the cop? You can also tell, because the inner leg is angled like the other side is being lifted, while the outer leg is off the ground. Anyone else verify?

Update: US Capitol Doors on Jan. 6 Were Magnetically Locked – Someone Inside Capitol Security Had to Release the Lock to Open the Doors. I haven't been able to find other articles to refute/support.

Update: Video of people inside, talking to cops about peacefully using right to assemble.

Update: DC medical examiner confirms causes of death of 4 who died in Jan. 6. None were caused by protesters (if lamestream won't call Burn Loot Murder riots, then Jan 6 is a protest).