I want to share some various articles I’ve been collecting, over the months.  

HHS Whistle Blower: No PPE for COVID screeners. This was back when CV was (mainly) confined to a cruize ship off the coast of CA. So, why weren’t these workers with proper gear, and WHY WEREN’T THEY QUARANTINED? We already had ideas as to how bad this could be, from China!  

The media and Dems loves to blame Trump. He put a collection of clips for their reminders.  

A MN doctor, and state senator, says there’s some issues with the COVID numbers: “If someone dies with COVID-19, we are counting that as a COVID-19 death,” Birx said…There is a big difference between dying with the virus and from the virus.  

The above makes as much sense as counting gun deaths as covid deaths…oh, and Washington State has already done that.  

With 0 patients for the Seattle Military hospital for covid, they shut it down.

In addition to the MN state senator and doctor, and the roughly 6,000 doctors saying the malaria drug works, here are 12 more international experts questioning covid.