Well, it’s good to hear from the “top expert,” regarding COVID19, stateside. It’s been a bit of a big issue, of late, especially in China, and international news. Now, this article has some info.  

If that testing shows the virus has slipped into the country in places federal officials don’t know about, “we’ve got a problem…” [Does that sound ominous, or am I just reading too much?]  

Short of that, Fauci says skip the masks unless you are contagious, don’t worry about catching anything from Chinese products and certainly don’t avoid Chinese people or restaurants.    

“I was getting calls from people in Sacramento saying, ‘Can I get on an airplane to go to Seattle?'” Fauci said. “Like, what? What does that got to do with anything?”  

“Inanimate things” that are placed in a container in China and sent to the U.S. don’t carry any risk of transmitting the virus.  

The only people who need masks are those who are already infected to keep from exposing others. The masks sold at drugstores aren’t even good enough to truly protect anyone, Fauci said.  

Fauci doesn’t want people to worry about coronavirus, the danger of which is “just minuscule.” But he does want them to take precautions against the “influenza outbreak, which is having its second wave.”  

“We have more kids dying of flu this year…a pretty bad influenza season, particularly dangerous for our children.”