You are familiar with “The Big Three:” Chrome, Firefox, and Explorer/Edge. You may even know of Opera and Safari. Here are some other browsers.  

I have used Epic, and found it to be a good browser. This site says it’s based on Firefox, but my experience showed it to be Chromium based. The built in Proxy had issues, and by default, searches done in Epic take you to the India search, which is ok, as you can easily just go to DuckDuckGo, or others. Good browser.  

I used the Slim Browser way back in the day, on a very old XP Netbook. It worked well, for what it is. Lite, and did it’s job.  

I didn’t have Avant installed on my pcs, but a friend did. I found it to be a good a browser as “The Big 3.”  

I will NEVER RECOMMEND Comodo products.  

I did use Lunascape, which is supposed to be a 3-in-1, combining “The Big 3.” It works ok enough, rendering in each of the styles. However, it would repeatedly crash. I’m not sure if this is because it can’t handle a tab in each of the different browser styles, or not. If so, there’s not much point to it, when you’ll just have to have the different browsers, anyway.  

I used Midori on Linux. It’s an ok, lite browser. Honestly, the main reason I kept it, and it’s Private Browser version, was because Craigslist has issues opening up, when you have a lot of blocker addons, so I would use it, for that. Some other sites had the issue, as well, and I generally didn’t have it, there. I haven’t used it on Windows, although the CL reply issue exists. I use a private Yandex for that, no extensions, and seems to be ok.  

Maxthon had issues loading, and similar problems as Lunescape.  

Yandex has become my default Chromium Browser, in Windows. I had previously mentioned SWR Iron, which doesn’t seem to be as updated. Epic, while good, didn’t have the best ad blocking abilities. Chromium, itself, doesn’t always do as well in Windows, as it does in Linux. If I’m in Linux, I’ll either have Chromium, Yandex, or both. Yandex does all I need, and if you don’t want Google Chrome, is a good alternative.  

I did use QupZilla on my old XP Netbook. There was nothing that really stuck out. It did it’s job, but nothing special.  

Pale Moon isn’t listed on this site, nor is IceCat. They’re Firefox alternatives, but aren’t updated as often, or at least, as compatible. Some newer extensions won’t work, and some pages may not load right. Thus, if you want a Firefox alt, similar to Yandex, then your best alt is Waterfox. Does just like Firefox, and no notable issues. If the extension works if Fire, it (so far) always works with Water. Pages load just as well.