Following up from the browser safety, I wanted to share this site.  

While I’ve used the TOR browser, as well as TAILS OS, I haven’t had much luck with I2P, including the OS version.  

I haven’t used FDroid on my Android, nor have I tried any of the Droid Roms, nor the various alternative Mobile OSes. Mainly, because I have decades of experience with computers, and only a few years with my Android, and know how to have more control, and don’t want to risk my cell, by rooting. Maybe, I would try one of the alt OS, like Ubuntu derivatives…  

I’ve read about Monero, and it seems like a good option. Zcash, if you actually turn on the privacy function; of course, since few use it, it narrows down who is using the privacy option, vs not. Dash does have a privacy feature, but it does rely on you trusting the Node Operator. There are others, as well.   I’ve read about Mesh Networks, but haven’t used any. Would like to hear from any who have, especially from this list.  

I’ve found Mailvelop and WebPG to be decent, although I haven’t used them extensively, with other users.  

Open Street Maps I use. For the most part, is does fine, although it uses KM, as opposed to miles. Sometimes, though, it can’t find what I need, and then, I have to use an alt like MapQuest, Google Maps, etc.  

Alternatives to Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc can be:  

  •, which allows you to set up encryption;
  • safebox, kept on server, and users get a password to access. NO pop/imap for free users;
  • Protonmail, which also encrypts like GMX.

While they can all be used from TOR, safemail needs to be used in “basic mode.” Protonmail also has a specific, .onion address.