Are you a home owner, and this describe your property? Maybe you're a investor, especially a wholesaler. The lead comes in, and you do your due diligence but the numbers don’t work or the seller won’t bite on the numbers. In the trash it goes. But does it have to be trashed?

You worked so hard on it. If it won’t fit one particular niche, consider alternatives out there that could make that throw away lead into a deal! With how hard the real estate business is, why limit yourself and ignore all the opportunities out there?

Typically, you want to buy at the 65% formula, or at most 70% of the ARV. But if the numbers don't work, you usually go to the next lead. Now, suppose there's another way:  a lease option. But what if you don't know about LOs?

Our team does. Associates have been working LOs for 20 years. We JV on the deals, splitting the profits, so instead of getting nothing, you can get something for all your hard work!


2 thoughts on “Properties with Little, No, Or Negative Equity”

    1. If you come across such properties, and would like to JV with us on them, we’re willing to JV!

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