We are now offering, to individuals and businesses (as a voluntary employee benefit) a monthly legal benefit program, and identity protection program. Each program covers the person, spouse, and up to 8 minor children (for residents in the US and Canada). In addition, we offer legal plans for small businesses.

Identity Protection Program:

Now, why would one want an Identity Protection Program? Here are a few videos:

Child ID Theft: Social Security Numbers Stolen Before Birth!

Driver’s License Theft: YOU could go to jail if your Driver’s License is stolen!

Employment Identity Theft: Wipes Out Your Social Security, and HUGE IRS Bill!

Medical Identity Theft: Mom has authorities threaten to take her kids!

Parents Learn Dead Child’s Identity is Stolen! Tax Identity Theft Problem Growing!

This is a video of the ID Theft Solutions Overview. When you sign up for the ID theft program, or combo, not only will your identities monitored, but will have a team of licensed private investigators work with you, to restore your identity, up to $5M!

Personal legal plan:

  • You can have an actual lawyer available 24/7/365, for emergencies, such as driving late during the holidays.
  • You can have unlimited phone consultations and letters written on your behalf.
  • If you’re looking at a major purchase, such as a car or home, they can review the documents, and help you make sure that your interests are protected, and not just that of the seller!
  • Representation in case someone wants to sue you.
  • 25% discount of many other services
  • And more!

Small business plan:

  • Legal consultation on unlimited matters
  • Contract and document review
  • Debt collection assistance
  • Up to 75 hours in trial defense services, including 15 hours of pre-trial preparation and 60 hours at trial, on covered matters
  • And more!

NEW: We also have an Affiliate Program.