I'm the CEO, Eddie Starr. I was aboard the USS Essex, stationed in Sasebo, Japan. I arrived at my duty station on September 7, 2001. As you may imagine, on the day of September 11, 2001, was beyond words.

During that time in the USN, I traveled throughout the Pacific, including Australia, Guam, and much of southeast Asia. Thailand and Singapore were favorite ports.

I have had the opportunity for a wide range of work, in about 30 years: bartender; US Navy; various Libraries, including a VA hospital; disaster relief assistance; church deacon; real estate investing; video and web production; business admin and ownership.

100K Investing, LLC is a service-connected, Veteran owned business. 100K Investing, LLC, works with both individuals and corporate customers. We work with people who need to:

  • Investors looking for homes, from wholesalers and flippers to buy & holds
  • Sell their home, for various reasons
  • Investors wanting to sell their deals
  • Invest in real estate, either for their retirement, or for here and now.
  • Learn about using their 401k, IRA, or similar account to invest in businesses and REI
  • Exploring using various equity options, to invest in businesses and REI
  • Sell their mortgage or business note
  • Sell their structured settlements or annuities
  • Inheritance Advances
  • Others

Currently, our main focuses are: 100% CLTV funding, no monthly payments hard money loans, and no monthly payments home equity.

For each of these, we offer to pay for referrals. Amounts differ, as a $35K Home Equity will pay differently from a $15M HML.

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