Earn Up To 8.6% On Your Cryptocurrencies

Do you hold (HODL) bitcoin, altcoins, or stablecoins? Blockfi is offering up to 8.6% monthly compounding interest on select cryptos. Note: Blockfi offers the highest monthly compounding interest on stablecoins, with BTC being the next highest, and altcoins as the lowest.

Keep your crypto with a secured loan

Do you hodl your cryptos, and want to put them to use, but without having to sell them? You can also consider using a secured crypto loan. You deposit your crypto, and are giving a certain amount in a loan, based off the value of your crypto deposit. So, whether you just want the crypto for a special occasion, or for a big project, you can get a loan based off your crypto, without having to sell them, so that when you repay your loan, you can get your crypto back from Blockfi.

Additional Information

If you deposit 1BTC into your Blockfi, in a month, you can earn 0.005 BTC interest on that deposit. After a year, you can earn 0.062 BTC. Note, this assumes that prices remain stable. When prices fall, or spike, your interest for the month is reflected on that.

Also, if you join Blockfi by following any of these links, you can also become an affiliate of Blockfi, and there is currently no limit to the levels you can build.

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