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You may also want to go to http://similarsites.com copy-paste the above urls into the search box, and see what other sites you can come up with, and feel free to share them.

Search Terms

Here are the search terms you'll either enter, or when you click on a listing, or when you search through your government's assessor, appraiser, or tax offices.

  • inherited
  • probate
  • foreclosure
  • short sale
  • preforeclosure*
  • estate
  • bring all offers
  • junker
  • must sell
  • investor special
  • special warranty deed
  • quit claim deed**
  • heir
  • heirs
  • TLC
  • motivated
  • fixer
  • fixer upper
  • fixer-upper
  • repairs
  • as-is
  • as is
  • relocation
  • rented
  • tenant
  • do not disturb tenant
  • owner will carry
  • owner will carry 2nd ***
  • owner finance
  • owner will finance
  • personal rep
  • personal representative
  • estate
  • trustee
  • basement issues
  • basement repairs
  • basement problems
  • foundation issues
  • foundation repairs
  • foundation problems
  • structural issues
  • structural repairs
  • structural problems
  • no FHA
  • lease option
  • engineer report
  • price change

Some other terms to consider:

  1. Leak
  2. Water issues
  3. Water problems
  4. Not responsible
  5. Relocated
  6. Vacant
  7. Out of State

* Note, going through a site like Zillow, often, a “preforeclosure” does NOT mean that the property is available for sale, or that the owners even want to sell. It simply means that the lender has sent them a notice that they are behind with at least one payment process, possibly up to three. More than half the time, the owners can catch up. You will need to go to the court house, and find out the specifics, as to how close they actually are to being foreclosed. Depending on the judicial status, and other factors, the home owners can have a lengthy “foreclosure process,” before they must vacate. You will be given a PDF file with the types of judicial statuses, as a guide. It is during the foreclosure process, which may be anywhere from a month to a year, before it is foreclosed, and the lender takes back the property, that you would be able to talk to the owners, to see if they'll sell to an investor.

Properties that do go fully through the foreclosure process, become REOs, Real Estate Owned, aka, “Bank Owned.” At this point, we can no longer help them, or any of their friends/family, who may want to try to buy it back. Once the Bank owns it, at this point, we are out of the game.

** - Be VERY careful with Quit Claim Properties: https://www.investopedia.com/terms/q/quitclaimdeed.asp

*** - This is a 2nd mortgage, usually. 2nd mortgages aren't a bad thing, but this is a more specific niche, and you start to go into note investing more. Generally, not what most investors go for. However, there is a market for this, but when starting out, may not be something to dive into, until you have some experience.

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